Back to the boats!

A real scorcher today, 24 in the shade out on the deck. Hot for Oban anyway. Having attended an Extinction Rebellion meeting last night we heard a lot about rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. I'm sure everyone is concerned, but when we're told that scientific evidence says that we have five years in which to do something, after which climate change will take off on its own, then it is very scary. And yet people are arrested for holding up the traffic with their demonstrations!

After more garden work today I walked down to the town to buy a few necessities and indulged in a large ice cream - salted caramel! The good ship 'Hebridean Sky' was moored at the North Pier - obviously a foreign crowd as the whole lot was fenced off with a control office to count the folk on and off. I got told off by an officious woman for standing in the wrong place - twice!

It was quite a slog back uphill, but coming back through the trees at least there was a bit of shade. Until, of course, all the trees are cut down which I suspect is just a matter of time.

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