By PaulaJ

Not too hot

A day of sunny intervals and the odd cooler shower - we seem to be in that margin outside the general heatwave and I'm not complaining - better the odd shower than 32 degrees, as far as I'm concerned.

We did a bit of exploration this morning, just along the coast in both directions - remembering places we had been to before and finding new ones. It is such a wonderful coastline, every bit different. This is the view from Magheracross - shows the dramatic chalk cliffs with arches, caves, stacks and stumps. Then the bassalt intrusion above. (Sounds as though I know what I'm talking about!)

The first extra is The Skerries in the sunshine, taken from the same place. A skerry is a small rocky island, normally one which is too small for habitation.  These islands, lying off the coast, just north of Portrush, are collectively called 'The Skerries.'  

It was interesting driving past the golf course at Portrush and seeing the huge structures that are being erected in preparation for the Open in a few weeks time. I have added an extra photo, taken as we passed - for anyone interested in that sort of thing. 

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