While on my runs

By waipushrink

Karangahape Road in the wet

A long and busy day (once again). The registrar is on nights this week, increasing the already large work load. Two of the five senior doctors were away sick leaving just three of us with one registrar and three interns. Only the important and urgent stuff got done. 

It was still sunny at midday, so wet weather does not explain the very low attendance at the once a month meeting of the consultants. Even after a reminder and an invitation to advise on how we can improve our services, and a plea to prioritise this meeting gained few extra attendees above the usual half dozen or so.

By the time I was finished doing what I could do today, the clouds were low and the rain persistent. Dark was rapidly approaching. I rode home carefully, and watched the many electric bikes whizz past me. As did the lycra clad serious riders. 

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