Happy July!

We just got out of the last heatwave and they are predicting a second one for the weekend! It's still very hot. So how does this differ from the heatwave? It differs so that in the morning for few hours (before 8) we can feel a cooler breeze from the sea and the same thing will happen around 9 pm. So we get few hours of relief for our waking hours.

Otherwise we sweat. Today I did as my husband does. As I was upstairs sewing I took off my shirt. I continued to work on my things only wearing short shorts. I was alone, so who cares. Windows are closed as we don't want the heat in. But it is ridiculously hot and humid.

We had a morning swim before 9 and it was fantastic. We also went again after 4 pm and it was so refreshing.

Now all of a sudden the marvelous clouds appeared and it's so much nicer now. And again we have the cooler sea breeze.

About 60 days of hotness (weather) ahead! I wonder if I will do a 60 days beach season blipping. Will I have enough ideas? Never the less I'm enjoying playing around with the GoPro and thus I will use the action camera pictures.

Oh I washed and opened the dyed fabrics from yesterday. I think at least some one them came out nicely. Tomorrow I have to iron them! That's gonna be sweaty too!

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