Finally the shot I've been looking for. The moment when the wave hits the face. Mine in this case.

Today I did some kind of deep cleaning of downstairs after I had ironed the new pile of dyed fabrics. I was soaked with sweat already, so why not! I washed out bambu carpets outside and they died so fast! I also took some pots from the garden and and brought them inside to get some green to the living room.

After all that cleaning (3,5 hours) it was time to hit the beach. And what fun it was. The waves were perfect. Not too huge to be scary but big enough to take you by surprise and hit you in the face or soak you completely. I had so much fun playing with my inflatable.

It's still hot. It's gonna be hot for a long time, so perhaps I'll only report if the weather changes. Water is still at refreshing temperatures, but unfortunately that will soon change.

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