By mindful_life

Batman bridge

Started the day with a lovely morning run - this is the ‘Batman bridge’ named because of the batman shape at the top by my children and ran over it on my way home!

Back home before my husband had to leave and I showered, accepted a food delivery all before getting the kids up at 7.15.

Dropped to school and then on to work and had a busy day. I had to bring some work home so that I can take it to one of our other offices in Bath tomorrow where I will be giving my first of 5 presentations this month about mindfulness. I am so excited, mostly because I just want to tell people all about it and show them how to do it and teach them how it will help them in so many different ways.

After work I picked the children up, took my daughter to gymnastics, then my son to football. Home to get my things ready for tomorrow, and cook and get lunch boxes done and hope to sit down for a few minutes before I get an early night!!

Tomorrow is the start of a promising journey in mindfulness- I started the wheels in motion for this before Christmas and now I’m actually going to be doing it! Nervous, excited, all those things but most of all can’t wait.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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