By mindful_life

Cool as a cucumber

Happy July!! July is my favourite month, simply because it my birthday this month ! Two weeks today! I have never been bothered about getting older (although maybe this will change) because with every year that passes I feel I grow so much in my knowledge and understanding of the world and myself and more accepting in who I am and more able to face past demons. I hope that with more time that passes, I will be even more accepted and confident.

On other matters... I thought today I would blip something from our greenhouse as I haven’t been out much today. So here are our amazing cucumbers! We haven’t grown cucumbers before so it has been brilliant that these have done so well! they taste really good too!!!!

We are having a bbq this evening and so I will be preparing a salad and will be including some of these beauties in it!
Nothing better than home grown x

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