Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Parked up for the night

For two days now, we've felt the ground moving under our feet! I heard a pneumatic drill yesterday. Today, the glass in the cupboards rattled so loudly, I thought they might fall out.

So, when we finally ventured out today (after the sun had got off the car), we drove round to see what was happening. They have resurfaced parts of the road. I didn't think it needed it, but hey, if they feel it is necessary... I was glad that they weren't re-doing the whole street, like making it a dual carriageway or something awful like that.

We were on our way to Festival City when I noticed a huge tailback of traffic heading North. I managed to take the exit off the highway and we ended up in Dubai Mall. I'd been told Carluccio's have closed shop, so I had to see it for myself. It's not a great sight to see a restaurant you really like and have taken so many friends to go out of business. A Nando's is coming in its place.

As we were there, we decided to explore a bit more and ended up on Fashion Avenue. That section of the Mall really is spectacular. I took a few pictures but am going to stick with what's happening on my street for today's blip.

We had dinner at a new place for us - Doner and Gyros. It's Greek-ish. Very nice. G was on the lookout for a pencil case for one of her students but didn't find anything suitable. Dubail Summer Surprises is on, so I hung out in Grand Stores looking at cameras etc. :)

I've put one of the Fashion Avenue pictures as an extra.

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