Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Easter eggs

Friend rachelwhynot gave us these two bunnies for Easter - thank you very much! I carried them back with me from Hong Kong. They've been sitting around near the dining table and one day, G put them facing away from each other. It immediately reminded me of a Persian or Babylonian picture I've seen of two fearsome mythical creatures looking outwards, but I can't for the life of me find the picture online! I wanted to paste a link to it so you can make the comparison. These bunnies are, of course, not very fierce looking, and now that I have taken the picture, we can finally eat them! :)

Today has been spent at home with me doing loads of stuff on my laptop. Some time was spent looking for a car for the summer holiday. Things keep changing with car rentals so everything has to be looked at very carefully. I think we finally had a result by late afternoon.

G had a nice message from friend Miriam congratulating her on England's win last night! :)

1st of July already. Gosh. Hope the new month has started well for you. It was noticeably cooler today. We were able to keep cool with just one air-conditioner running.

I finally heard back from Volvo. The fusebox is burnt. They are trying to fix it!

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