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In the frame

Well I’m allowed today as it is my birthday!

We’ve spent most of the day at Harlow Carr RHS gardens in Harrogate. It’s been most enjoyable, we had lunch in Betty’s and later tea and cake.

The main flowers featuring at the moment are the Candelabra Primulas. I have had my picture taken by them on previous birthdays. They used to be mainly in one area by the stream but they seem to be all along the Streamside now as well as by some of the ponds. Lots of other nice features too including Verbena amongst ethereal grasses as well as Cornflowers and California poppies. Very effective I thought.
I was going to add a Flickr link but it’s not playing ball at the moment, asking me to update to PRO which I have already done! (Anyone else having problems?) If it sorts itself out I will add an album later.
That aside it’s been a lovely day and not without treats with son Alex having just popped in with my pressie - Harris gin! I’ve had Eda singing Happy Birthday to me too!
For those of you didn’t know today is the middle day of the year.

( The story of last night’s bouquet extra is that I accidentally sent it to myself! It was for my sister in law and I can now report that she has received hers today and I’ve got one as a bonus!! - it’s my birthday so I put it down to age!)
Flickr link now added on tomorrow’s blip

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