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By Jeanneb53

Greek night.

It’s been another lovely day. I walked on to the garden centre this morning as Chris was supervising a funeral (he’s the verger).
I didn’t get what I was looking for but was pleased to see that Elvis, the resident Macaw was back. He was up in the rafters saying ‘Hello’ to everyone.  He’s been out and about in St Ives Woods recently, we’ve heard him. Glad he’s safe and sound.

The Agapanthus was a treat to myself from Harlow Carr yesterday. I have several in pots, some of which came from there and some, pale blue ones,  came from the National Agapanthus centre in East Devon at Bicton Park.
I couldn’t resist these, white with a dark blue edge.

We’ve just been up to the next village for a Greek meal at one of the pubs. The manager is Greek (Cypriot) so we wanted to give it a try. The special Greek night is Wednesday so it had to be tonight though I did notice Greek specialities on the main menu. A good night to go out for us anyway as after my birthday yesterday it is Chris’s tomorrow. Sadly he has another funeral to do.
We changed the time of our meal to accommodate bus times but the bus didn’t show so we took the car and left it there getting the bus back. Well go back for the car in the morning.

I was going to post this earlier but blip was down, I’ve now had to sign in. Managed to sign into Flickr now too after yesterday’s problems so Harlow Carr album added here.

Thank you for all your best wishes yesterday and especially for all those hearts, I was completely taken aback. Most kind

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