Bike To Work Day

I was in Denver today and had an errand to run in a neighbourhood where I used to live. I took the bus there and when I got to my destination I saw from the signs that it was ‘Bike To Work Day’ and that the little bakery (Cake Crumbs) had some kind of promotion because of it.

I finished my errand quickly and ended up at the bakery for a late breakfast. There were several people who’d come on their bikes but it didn’t look like they were on their way to work. I’m not sure what kind of bonus they might have got.

I did enjoy a very healthy breakfast, but I finished off my leisurely visit with one of these cup cakes with my coffee - bacon and butterscotch! Yes, that’s right, and very delicious it was, too! I visited this bakery back in February and had a piece of their famous bacon and maple layered cake. I do like unusual ingredients!

It was a very pleasant visit, in a quiet leafy neighbourhood out of the city centre. But I soon had to pull myself away and head back to the hotel to get ready for work and back to the airport. I certainly didn’t bike to work!

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