Perfect Form....

I slept late this morning and when I got up, the last wisps of fog were disappearing, so I felt bad I'd missed it. But in the typical fashion of the goofy weather we're having, within an hour it was all back, so Tom and I went to the Lakefront at the park to see what we could find to photograph, and ended up sitting and enjoying the show. This beautiful golden retriever was having a wonderful time leaping into the Lake--over & over & over--to retrieve its' ball. No sooner would it drop the ball at its' owners feet than it would be running back down the dock. In the middle of its' play, some guy had the audacity to use the boat launch to put his boat into the water, so the dogs' owner had to pause the game. The retriever paced down the dock toward it's owner and barked, then would start running toward the end of the dock, then pause and look back, & when the ball wasn't launched, would repeat the process. It was so obviously "saying" to throw the darn ball into the water!! It's delight, when the boat was finally out of the way & the ball was in the air, just made us laugh!  My nephew is being discharged from the hospital later today--he looked like a totally different person, as his pain is under control and he's moving much better. When you're young and physically fit you recover so much more quickly, thank goodness. He's going to his parents' house for awhile so they can help him while he continues his recovery. He's worried about his job, & his car, and if he'll have any limitations, but we're all telling him to just worry about getting well, & the rest will sort itself out. Thanks so much for all the stars and hearts you've left me--I really appreciate it. :))

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