Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A classic Durham view

Thank you for all your kind comments on Luke’s graduation yesterday. It is not often that parents get to experience two of their children’s’ graduations only days apart from each other. Luke, being just over a year older than Adam and consequently being a year ahead of Adam at school, took a gap year after school which is why they started and finished their 4 year degrees at the same time. 

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Durham so I went off on a walk along the river row path before breakfast, when I took these photos. 

After breakfast we packed up and Gavin, Adam and I left to drive home again (via Cambridge to drop Adam off) Luke stayed to celebrate one of his house mate’s special day as she was graduating this afternoon. He has a very close circle of university friends so it was right that he stayed on to support her, returning home later by train. 

It was a long journey home having to stop to charge the car, as the high speed charger in Durham was not working. There was also horrible traffic going in to Cambridge to drop Adam off.

I was finally catching up with blip journals on the journey home but then Blipfoto went offline :(  so I will have to catch up tomorrow some time. 

It has been a case of getting home, putting the laundry on and getting supper quickly  cooked, and so I am uploading this before I eat dinner.

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