By strawhouse

Cow Parsley

I've been Blipping for almost eight years and I'm still obsessed with the cow parsley!!
School rang me today to say Miss L was feeling a bit poorly, had a sore throat and a slight temperature, and didn't want to go to Geographer's Adventure Club (or whatever it's called!!!!)
 Oh my God she's got Scarlet Fever and oh my God she'll need antibiotics and thank God Mr K'll be home tomorrow and oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.............
I went to get her and then went to collect Miss E, ringing the doctor en route. They said to bring her in so half an hour later we were in with the very dishy Dr F who was brilliant with her. He doesn't think it's Scarlet Fever - couldn't rule out it brewing but she'd have a much higher temperature and be a lot iller and have a bright scarlet rash! 
I stressed to him I just wanted someone to check her over and I'm not bothered at all about not being given antibiotics!!
Home for some Calpol and bed.
The kids just took care of themselves.
Hee hee!!!!

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