Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Walking away

I woke up early from my bed on the couch (did not make it upstairs as it is just easier to be on the couch!) and when I sat up I saw the deer were in the yard.    I had to get on the scooter and get to the camera and then find a place where I could stand up with one leg to get the shot.     Photography is hard work with only one good leg!    Not the greatest quality as I had just woken up and had no coffee yet!!   

This boy is showing off some nice horns.   I hope he comes back tonight!  

Day one with the cast has been okay.    Still some annoying pinches which I think is actually the metal I have in my foot.  As long as I keep my keep the pressure off my heel area I am good.   I have all kinds of tricks to do that.      

It was really hot today,   Right now at 5pm  it is 95F (35C) but feels like 101F!   I have not been outside since early morning when I drank my coffee on the front porch.      We could really use some rain again...another chore added to the hubby's list is watering my flower beds!  

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