Knew there were two fox cubs in our area, so early (very) this morning I decided to open the window and wait, well I had to wait about half an hour when this little beauty appeared. So thrilled to see it and also to have it visit my garden. Hope you like it.
Sorry if I get behind, but at the moment I am clearing part of my garden which has not been touched for seven years, so it is hard work, however I am getting on really well, but by evening I just want to have a shower and fall into bed. Last night I even got the sun setting, which you can see in extras.
Just in from yoga, and it is cold and very cloudy, looks like it will rain, but am going to get out in the garden until it starts.
Hope all you tennis lovers are enjoying Wimbledon. I am loving what I get time to watch.
Thank you for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts.

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