I like this post. It doesn't need to do anything except provide a vertical in a flat heathland landscape. That's a marked contrast to my poles outside which have to provide me with electricity, phone and broadband to get me on to blip. 

I amused myself this morning getting onto BT about my service, a task that's bound to set me up for the day. The gentleman I spoke to today felt it useful to point out that it wasn't BT that looked after the cables and poles but Openreach who are a different company. I asked if that might be BT Openreach and pointed out that if I was paying for a product that required a service and cables and poles that it didn't matter to me what they called the different parts of their company, it was all BT to me. I don't know who does the customer service training for these people. 

Anyway, I'm not going to go on about that any longer. It's been a lovely day and my neighbour has tried very hard to be helpful. I've found a BT Fon hotspot which I can sometimes get enough signal to get on line and I think I'd better click 'Publish' while I have a little bit of signal. Sorry about my lack of commenting, you'll understand why. I'm trying to click a few stars and stuff when I can.

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