Changing view.

Over the past eighteen months, on the mornings that I go to St Andrews House, I have been fascinated by the ever changing view from the small drive way that leads to the front door, and particularly how it offsets the bulk of the Art Deco building that is the HQ of the Scottish Government.

New St Andrews House which occupied the St James site at the top of Leith St was (rather quickly) demolished and I think I blipped that sight.

Then the cranes went up and now there are half a dozen of them , not all of which are fully visible from this spot.

Now the concrete lift shafts are beginning to emerge and some of the metal framework is in place, though as yet that can only be seen when you walk past the site.

I will be interested to see how it continues to change and when the new building comes fully and finally into the frame. No doubt it will feature in another blip....

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