By Ridgeback13

Lining up

Started the day with an induction meeting with a new hire - exciting times ahead I think. Would like to be getting on with other new things/plans too, but I think I need a holiday first...
Two graduations today. Honorary degree for Silvia Federici this afternoon - she gave a very emotional speech and (a first!) had some parents giving her a standing ovation as well as the (more predictable) cheers from a nearly all-women graduate cohort.
Shame that the weather turned cloudy and cool this afternoon. The families didn't hang around too long outside as they did on Tuesday.
Down town to have a haircut at the end of the day then home to watch some more early series Line of Duty. I'd like to be making plans for weekends over the rest of the year, A's birthday etc etc but the uncertainties over the building work have left me feeling unable to sort anything out. Not helped by the quotes from builders not materialising today when they were expected. Grr

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