By Ridgeback13

Hanging out

Very lazy start to the day then headed over to see the kids and played in the garden for a while before we went up to Woburn woods for a walk. Picked and ate bilberries (blue tongues all round!) and Mx and AR enjoyed exploring the dens that we found around some trees. Heston and Higgs enjoyed racing around together (extra) although Higgs exhausted himself trying to keep up. Muggy, cloudy and some drizzle...rubbish ‘holiday’ weather.
A’s interview went well yesterday so she’s starting her new promoted job soon and excited about it. Chatted about that and about their wedding plans (oh so slowly) disintegrating...
Back to Mt&H’s and more garden playing. AR was enjoying a very elaborate pretending game, mending lots of things including having me be a patient phoning her to come and mend me. Had to be pretty inventive about what needed mended with a spanner!
After they went to bed we got a Chinese takeaway before heading back for an early night

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