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By walkingMarj

Garden flowers

Today started very early because Mum had a nose bleed at 0415. It was worse than usual and took a while to stop. We had a companionable cuppa before going back to sleep, but I think we have both felt the effects of a shortened night as the day has worn on.

Chris, the kitchen fitter, came to put the glass splashbacks in place. I rather liked it before they were there (!) but they are necessary and look very pretty. 

He also fixed the third bracket from John Lewis, so the TV is safely on the wall. Now the challenge is to find out why it is not connected via the aerial. Oh dear, life can be complicated!!

I also chose new blinds from a very patient man who waited while I looked through 4 books of patterns.

Tennis featured in the day too. I was pleased to see Jo Konta win and later, the ferocious match between Nadal and Krygios. I was delighted to see Nadal win. Krygios needs to learn more manners on court. They played some brilliant tennis.

Dick came to cut the grass just before it started to rain. I cut a few sprigs from the garden for my blip. The Philadelphus is the best ever. We now have the fragrance inside as well as outside (and I'm sneezing).

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