Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


This is the seed head of a Pasqueflower ( Pulsatilla).  Its one of a few in some pots in my back garden. Not easy to get a shot as it was quite windy. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday

Musical link is Pure by the Lightning SEEDS

Made a slow start to the day and waited in for my parcel of cat food and cat litter.  After that had arrived I walked down to the village to take a bag of stuff to the Oxfam shop, collect my repeat prescription and do a bit of shopping.

Weather today was warm, windy and dull.  It was so overcast late this afternoon that I thought it might rain but it held off.

Colin went back to his flat this afternoon to do a bit more sorting out.  Cleaners are scheduled to come in on Tuesday so he wanted to make sure that nothing precious was left around.  Taxi there and back of course.  Wish he could take the bus but he's really not keen

Steps today - 7,572

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