Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Silly - or ingenius??

When Colin arrived here a few weeks ago these were the glasses he was wearing.  Not much left of the original pair is there? Obviously they got broken and he had to think of a way to mend them.  He's used some aluminum wire and polymorph ( low - temp melting plastic ).  I did fish out a pair of my old varifocals which he has been wearing for reading and using his original ones for distance ( not that he can see much in the distance but they are better than nothing ).  When his new glasses arrive he will get a pair for reading and a pair for distance so he will be sorted. Thought that Colin's repair job would be suitable for " Silly Saturday ".

Musical link LET'S MEND WHAT'S BEEN BROKEN-  by Gloria Gaynor

Went to Stanley today on the bus.  Shopped in Asda and Iceland.  Weather has been nice again and the wind has finally dropped.  Sat outside in the garden for a bit this afternoon.

Steps today - 7,580

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