If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Carrion Crow. (Corvus corone)

Thursday!   So it must be Penrith.   As most who look in from time to time will know I spend Thursday afternoonand early evening with Kanyl.  He get birds in his garden which are for me rare e.g. Starlings.   It is strange, we are about 7.5 Km (4.75 m) as the Starling flies away, he can have up to a dozen int ehgarden we get one perhaps twice a year.

What have Starlings got to do with a Crow.  Basically nothing, apart from the fact we were sat out in the garden, camera ready in case of Starlings.  Then this Crow landed on the fence.  Another interesting point had that Crow done that at home touch down would have last fractions of a second.  As soon as it realised we were there it would be gone.  This one however perched and looked around long enough for me to reach for the camera and take a few shots.

I think this is the first time I have blipped a Crow.

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