A Hurricane

The day started off well when an Openreach van and a cherrypicker turned up outside the house. Marian was very pleased to see them and immediately offered them tea, coffee, biscuits, a roast lunch. Two lovely guys, one of whom I met yesterday and they got on, rerouted the cable to get loads of height and connected up. All done before 10 o'clock!

Around lunchtime the first of the airshow planes came over. They did a couple of circuits over Teignmouth and Bishopsteignton. Later in the afternoon we went up to the Golf Club, which has a wonderful view over the bay looking right down to the centre of the display area. A bit of a long way off though, I could have done with a Nikon 600mm f4 or I could have caught the bus into Teignmouth to get closer I suppose.

The Spitfire was pulled unfortunately but BBMF sent a Hurricane instead and that]s OK with me, I like to see a Hurricane. This one's a Hurricane MkIIc PZ865, the very last Hurricane to be built in 1945. Whereas the Typhone stayed out to sea, the Hurricane flew out over the clubhouse giving me a great opportunity for a shot! I've added an extra of the Typhoon over the bay with full afterburners. One of my companions today was an ex-RAF display flyer who was able to give me a great commentary on what was going on in the air.

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