Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I couldn't decide on what to blip for today... my all time favourite aircraft, a finished page in my mixed media/art journal or the rain and thunder cloudscape... So, here they are, all of them. Sums up my day.
I'm cleaning this weekend, to make room for the bed building project on Monday. As usual when I have a time frame, I get a bit stressed out and focus on clearing minor things instead of the larger more important things. But, I did sort through a box today and throw out most of its content, and there's also were I found this old photograph of the aircraft. A beauty, isn't she? She's an old Swedish fighter, now this model is just used in airshows. I don't know were this one is, but when I was 14-15 we did two weeks of practice at different work places. We actually did two of these practices. One in spring and one in autumn. And my first I did at the military airbase, as a flight mechanic. I had so much fun! I sat in this one, and I watched her fly among other things.
Since I was so stressed, I finished an old page I also found in the box I clean out. I coloured the page. It is drawn on an picture that is from the book I made into an art journal.
When I went to the stor it had started to drizzle a bit more, but when I came out it was raining more and I also heard thunder. 
It's a bit funny how I've become used to doing things with my art journal that it is difficult to put it aside even for a day... But, now the papers and other 'supplies' are packed away. I sprayed some silver mist over one of the pages and it has to dry before I can put the journal away.

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