A Diet of Worms

In my days of studying History I was fascinated by the Diet of Worms and its connections with Martin Luther (not King).  In our journey through Germany heading East we passed through Worms as I needed to see the place where Luther was banished from the RC church.  Here it was that the 'Diet' (a deliberative meeting) was called to 'sort out' the academic that was ruffling too many feathers and shaking the status quo.  The Dom St Peter in Worms was calm and peaceful, beautiful and inspirational.  Extra of a low level view of the East end of the church (extra). My Diet of Worms was a very large slice of chocolate cake from the nearby cafe!

Leaving the Dom there was a large group assembling for a christening.  Then, from one side appeared a group of four identically dressed like the mafia arriving. Turned out they were from a larger group of travel industry related people on a fund raising tour of Europe.  I couldn't help asking for them to pose for me - they agreed.

We then moved on towards our destination at Freudburg heading for Nuremberg and then on to Prague - might take a few days!

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