Dadda Dia

From watching thespians on Friday to being a thespian on Sunday, Kaitlyn has had a busy weekend.
Sadly my photography did not keep up with things.  I only had my trusty telephone with me on Sunday afternoon, and as we were at the back of the Edenham Village hall I’m left with a couple of not brilliant photos from umpteen shaky failures.
In January I had the Canon EOS R with me for ‘The Hurst Children’s Theatre Group (Lincolnshire)’ pantomime where Kaitlyn played Snow White.
This was their mid year ‘musical’ written by the same author, Mike Hurst, who is eccentric to say the least.  His daughter Bryony who produced it thought this was one of his more ‘out of it moments’, with the Vikings (Swedes) invading England with flat-pack furniture through the Eurovision Song Contest . . .  Make of it as you will, but the jokes and puns came fast and furious, including innuendos about the size of Thor’s hammer. Those of you with reasonable memories and a twisted mind may see that Dadda Dia is a pun on Mamma Mia, which gives you a good idea of how things were.
Kaitlyn played Thor’s wife Freya, and the photo is of Loki, Freya and Thor, with the Swedish/Viking group AGGA at extra - yes it was that bad . . .

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