By JohnW

Tiny Troubles on a Tuesday.

We just purchased a “Really Useful” storage tower from a “Really Useful” company, and it arrived this morning - in three boxes!  The website said nothing about ‘self assembly’!
No instructions, but they weren’t really needed, however as I wheeled it from the utility room to the family room one caster caught on the door/carpet strip - and look what happened!
I set about taking photos while Mrs W went on the website to find out how to complain.  It was then that she noticed that they also sell really useful draw modules plus all the other bits to make your own construction, so was our tower in modules?  On very close inspection yes, so all I had to do was swap the two bottom units and ‘hay/hey presto’, all fixed and no need to complain - really useful.
All this usefulness is so that Mrs W can stow her Lego bits.  It is in fact an early Burpday pressy (end of the month).
Many thanks to Debbi for hosting this month’s Tiny Tuesday.

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