By Kipsie

It's Wimbledon

....... & I was'nt the only one watching. I was working my way through the ironing pile .. honest! ;) 
Early start due to irritating skin .. Grhhh!! Early coffee then a few chores, read the meters, update the calendar with my doggie sleepovers, catch up with Saturdays blip, then get on the phone promptly at 8.30 to get an emergency appointment with the doctor. I went out and sat in the car to make the call .. Hubby was telling me what I should say etc. last night before going to bed so thought it better if he did'nt hear the conversation with the receptionist. Anyway, it all went swimmingly well & got an emergency apt at 11.30 which confirmed what I thought I had .. shingles. I Googled shingles yesterday, the irritation yep, but not the pain or nausea, so I was worried it might have been something else. I  then had to ring around for the meds as I needed soluble tabs & the local pharmacy did'nt have them. A trip to Bovey Tracey fixed that.
Back home I made a couple of posters on top of an image of my chair fabric that I'd snapped. I want to get people on board for the table top & plant sale I'm holding on the 20th July for Rowcroft Hospice, a local charity. I added the posters to two local FB 'Spotted' pages and have already had 4 tables booked so thought that was a good start. I'll try and get some printed off tomorrow and get them pinned up around the village. I need to get the plants tidied & top dressed, then labelled. Yet another job.
Next job .. yesterday's blip. Done!
Then more tennis to watch when I should have been making dinner. A quickly rustled up lamb curry for hubby, & baked sweet potato jacket with veggie burger for me.
Hopefully the skin irritation will stop as it's DPHT tomorrow morning & I've messaged G&J to say I'll be out there early to do a bit more to their garden, but don't tell hubby. Winks!

Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

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