An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Cute as a button...

We left the house just after 7.30am and got to the Vets at 9.00am.  The rain was absolutely bouncing all the way there.  Felt like a November day.

David took Lola into the vet and got her booked in for her spay.  I couldn't go in as I knew I would start bubbling when we left her, so I said my goodbyes at the car.

We both wanted to be nearby so rather than travel all the way back home, we spent the day at Eleanor and Kenny's, which was rather good as it was an Esme day (now that Nikki is back at work, Ele looks after Esme on a Tuesday and Wednesday.)

When we arrived Ele and Esme were at one of Esme's social groups where they were having a Festival day (no, I'm not sure what that is either :-) so Kenny made us tea and toast and we awaited there return.

Esme was in fine spirits when they got back despite having very sore gums.  Teething is such a painful thing.  Just as well we don't remember it.  

It seems like ages since I photographed her so I had the camera but only time for some quick snaps.  She has the most beautiful natural smile but as soon as she sees the camera, she "poses" but putting on this really fake smile.  It's hilarious!  Tried hard to capture her before she registered I was holding the camera.  This was about the best shot!

After she'd had a short nap, we all headed out for lunch.  She was good as gold while we were out, charming two older ladies at the table next to us and the waitresses.  

It so lovely to see her little personality developing.  She now loves dropping her toys on the floor and saying "oh-oh" in a little sing song voice, while grinning at you till you pick it up.

She timed her nap perfectly, nodding off just as our lunch arrived.  

After lunch David contacted the vet to see how Lola was.  She was just coming round from her op and all had gone well.  He was told we could pick her up at 6.15pm.

We went back to Ele's for a short time but I was desperate to get to the Vet so we left Ele's at 5pm and a journey that should have taken 20 minutes took and hour and 15, all because of rush hour!

Lola was still quite groggy from the anaesthetic and slept most of the way home.

We've had a very quiet evening with lots of gentle cuddles and Lola asleep for the most part (see extra.) David's going to sleep downstairs tonight to be near her just to make sure she's ok.

We have some poached chicken breast and the chicken water waiting for her for a breakfast treat.

Back to the vet on Friday for post-op check, then again next Thursday.

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