Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Dock Lights

The romantic lights of Teignmouth Docks close to midnight. 

I went to the Jam night at Church House Inn tonight. It was a regular weekly thing for me for about five years. Then life got busier, more was happening in the village and I went less often. It must be best part of five years since I last went. I was greeted like the prodigal son when I arrived by the folk I knew and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I hadn't done a blip but I'd put my camera in the van with the thought of getting a lowlight shot on my way home. I parked up and took my camera and tripod off to the river on Shaldon side. I don't know where my head was though. I should have realised that the exposures should have been 20 seconds or so. When I got them on the computer and looked at these noisy images I was very disappointed. I set my camera to override the set ISO to take photos at the village festival last month. I've noticed a few times that the ISO has been higher than I'd normally shoot and I've meant to reset it to off but haven't. It hasn't really mattered much until tonight when it's turned the ISO up to 51200! I've denoised them but instead of having crisp detail, the starbursts are all messy. What a pain!  Ah well, I'll pay more attention in future and I've now set it to how it should be again.

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