Oor Tatha Rannsachair (Oor Tay Explorer)

Oor Tatha is inspired by Dundee - even though this one is in Perth - and the beauty and changing mood of the River Tay.

What a day!
Morning surgery was truly bonkers with emergencies and complications, phone calls and "can I ask you something?"

I lost track of time big style, almost was eaten by a grumpy GSD, and started to get a wee bit hot under the collar.

In between all this, middle son was trying to call and text to report a bicycle calamity.

Every time I headed for the loo, I was sidetracked.

The afternoon entailed a tour of two counties; rescuing a stranded teenager on a bike, trip to repair shop, innocent trip to drop off uniforms for embroidery that turned into a "let's ask the vet a million questions ", warning light on car re tyre pressure, trip to garage to check tyres, drop off bike and teenager, battle through rush hour traffic to collect daughter's cello that had arrived safely back from Italy, battle through rush hour traffic again to brave supermarket for last minute travel goodies (or baddies)...

In the midst of the madness, I popped into Perth Railway Station to buy a ticket for later in the month and spied my friend Oor Wullie.

For a moment, I smiled as I looked at his timeless face.

Then returned to the whirlwind of life.

Off on holiday tomorrow.
The first holiday I can honestly say that I have looked forward to for some time.

Blips may be delayed.
Blips may not happen.
We'll see...

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