By toph

tune in the dreich

not a great night's sleep, this humid weather is not for me. I quite like the rain and wind and the snow but humidity and bright sunshine are not my thing
Oh but you must love being a gardener when it's sunny?
No i say it's hot and it slows me down...
They look confused and continue to think that my job is skipping through fields of roses, dead heading my way with a silver strimmer made of jealousy
I used to like my job, it never paid well but yous got to meet people and chat about something i was interested in (horticulture) but as time has gone on, gardening has become a refuge for people.
None of us are social workers but horticultural therapy is a thing that worked very well for me when i was depressed after a partcularly messy break up in 1995.
I also found a love of Van Morrison at the same time... i like the way he sings GOD... in his accent it sounds like he believes whatever he believes fervently.
How nice to have such certainty in life, i thought

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