We'll always be together...

.Sorry to overload you with Seals, yesterday and today.  But look at them.... 

Look at him.  What a face.  

You'd want to  just grab those whiskers and go brrrrrrrrrr. 

The Harbour is very still in this weather.  The water is calm - and the seals seem happy to doze in this position for hours on end, and then sink under the water and disappear for a while. 

I needed to escape to open air and distance tonight.  There was something weird going on with the heating in the office today... yes, the heating was on  it was 27 degrees in the office.  I changed it....to "cool" instead of "Heat", and two minutes later - someone changed it. 

Eventually when my boss nearly passed out, he went and demanded it be sorted.  Five minutes later, ice cold air was blowing down on me - i was so relieved, but after an hour and a half I was freezing - but I wasn't complaining - no way no how.

So the rocks at the harbour were the first port and then into the Harbour basin to see my mates... 

I do love a seal!.

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