By Teasel


It was pouring when we left the house this morning, but was dry and brightening up by the time we got off the train in Edinburgh.  By the time I got to work I was roasting.  My boss came to talk to me this morning about something he has been talking about for the past fortnight, but I have never really understood exactly what he wants me to do.  I asked him again, and I am still not clear.  I might just bash my head against a brick wall!  Perhaps he is talking another language!

I managed to pop out quickly at lunchtime and it was warm and muggy.  I was almost glad to get back to the office.  My afternoon passed too quickly,  I met with a student who is interested in some of our work and then had a very helpful phone call with a former colleague.  It was good to catch up.

Once home, I sorted tea, did some more ironing, caught up with BB, went to the supermarket for fish food – they had none, and made piles of stuff for going on holiday.  Time for bed!

I spotted this butterfly at lunchtime.

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