at Lodge Park and Sherborne Park Estate :)

Today I'd planned a trip to Slimbridge wild bird reserve, but given the state of my back from yesterday I knew I'd need to have a more gentle day and do some walking, and not drive so much, so I found a National Trust property (with wildflower meadow and all manor of things if I'd had the time) to visit fairly near my overnight accommodation.

Lodge Park was apparently a 'gambling' lodge built especially for that originally in the 1600's - more on the NT page here

and the rest of my photos herer

I could have blipped plenty, but I don't often manage to capture butterflies, so here's one for a change :)

Home, unpacked, shopped and wash load on already :)

Tomorrow I have a much calmer day - a spa day and a friend's birthday - with a few others, so I have a present to wrap etc tonight...  

I am looking forward to a late breakfast, a swim and a much needed back, shoulders and neck massage, followed by 'afternoon' tea :)

Yesterday's backblip - do take a look, thank you :)

Happy Friday folks :)

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