Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

In my sweet baby's arms

Well I'm rollin' in my sweet baby's arms 
Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms
Lay around the shack till the mail train comes back
Then I'll roll in my sweet baby's arms  - Buck Owens 1971

Those of you who know me also know I can rarely pass up an opportunity for bug porn.  And today I had not one, but two such opportunities!  However, the nod goes to the butterflies along with a gold medal for endurance.  I was erecting a plant stake for some gladiolas in my garden when I spotted these two tiny Hickory Hairstreaks canoodling on a leaf.  Zoom - into the house for the macro lens.  Followed by all kinds of contortions as I tried to get an angle without disturbing them.  I finally got some so-so shots and then decided to push fate and try to pluck the leaf they were on.  No problem.  In fact, I am pretty sure one of them waved at me as I transported them to a far superior location and got the shot I wanted...

I'm only 95% confident of my identification on this species.  There is a small chance they could be Banded Hairstreaks, although the color looks better for Hickory to me.  I'm sending the image off to the local butterfly org for a firm id.

The other canoodling in the garden was a couple of minuscule leafhoppers - click HERE if you want to have a peek.  (and you know you do!)

Day 4 at the gym - cardio and weights today.  One more day this week...

Thanks for the comments on my journal yesterday.  I'm glad that my instincts in talking a bit about depression seem to have been solid.  I don't think there are any really good statistics around how many people "suffer" from depression, but I know that many people seek help and many don't.  And some don't make it.  Just a few words today and they are around the notion of "suffering from depression".  I personally dislike that phrase.  I don't think I suffer from depression.  Doesn't that kind of make it sound like I'm malingering or something?   I think I have a disorder that causes me to experience a very unpleasant level of  emotional distress if untreated.  Maybe I just don't like the notion of "suffering" anything.  Well, more on this another day.  

Hubs is planning to head to the track this Sunday for a test-day with the "new" race car (the one he and his partners have been rebuilding for nearly two years - yes, that one).  It will be a very noisy day, so I plan to stay here at home and bask in the quiet.  And, there is something particular I want to try to photograph on Sunday...

Thanks for stopping by.

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