By dfb24

Late Bloomer...

The weather yesterday & again today has been superb--mid 70's, sunny & breezy. It was so perfect that I was actually inspired to cut the grass last evening, so out I went, only to find the battery wasn't fully charged. I had to put it back on the charger and wait an hour before I could use it, so while I waited I trimmed the two horribly overgrown evergreen bushes that border our sun porch. After that I cut the grass, both front and back, & Tom asked me what was wrong with me! Haha! What can I say; I get lethargic in the heat & energized when it's cooler. This morning we went for a walk so I could find a flower blip and in the huge field of coneflowers, this was the only one I noticed that wasn't in full bloom, but I actually liked it better than the ones that were. After our walk, Tom had a craving for an ice cream cone, so we drove over to Dairy Queen and each had one--a large for Tom and a small for me, or else I'll need to walk a couple more times today! :))   Thanks to Anni for hosting FF, & hope you all have a great weekend.  

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