a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Carnival Time

In the village one of the local pubs is having a beer and cider festival.  The pub car park and garden are absolutely rammed with those attending.  Amazingly perhaps for these days, many of those visiting the festival seem to drive, and as they can't park in the pub car park today, they are parking elsewhere.  I suppose they could all have a designated driver, but the roads around here may not be the safest later on!  

There are bands playing too.  While I enjoy a beer festival and I enjoy live music, my friends and I have decided to give this one a miss - in previous years there have been so many attending that it can be difficult to even get served.  The publican also seems to like to stock stronger beers whereas my friends and I enjoy prefer weaker "session" ales.

Instead I've cycled into Bath where it has been the day of the carnival procession.  It is a relatively small scale affair, the vast majority of the processors being on foot.  But it is still very noisy with all the drummers, and it is certainly vey colourful.... 

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