Desert Octopus (with bunny ears)

This is not what you'd expect an enormous agave to look like.  I have no idea what happened to it but if it was in my yard it would be hauled outta there (although it does have character).  I thought it might pass for a silly desert plant.

The monsoon hasn't started yet.  Technically, it began on June 15 but practically speaking it doesn't rain until the first of July.  It did rain once between those dates - briefly - but nothing since.  It got dark and spooky around 4:30 and you could see the downpours over the mountains so we pulled up the blinds to watch what we were sure would be a refreshing thunderstorm.  Then, nada.  It's been between 103°/39°-106°/41° for what seems like forever. Even the overnight low Thursday was only 86°/30°. A break in the heat, if even for an hour would be really refreshing.
Sometimes, less is best:
My wife and I
were happy for 20 years.
Then we met.

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