By suehutton

Taken or Made?

This day I spent at an RPS workshop at Ilyam Park in Staffordshire on the theme of Different Perspectives: thinking differently about photography. The course tutors were eminent. Paul Hill, Maria Falconer and Nick Lockett. 

Our mission was to present four photos at the end of the day, two taken and two made. There's a fuzzy line between these two categories as this photo demonstrates.

By chance, there was a wedding in the church next to the hall. Along with several others, I trotted along to see the bride. This photo is ostensibly taken but it also has elements of made. I placed myself where I thought I would be able to see both bride and groom at the end of the confetti run, which demonstrates pre-visualisation. As luck would have it, I captured the official wedding photographer too.

I also cropped the photo subsequently to exclude the guest on the edge who was wearing a bright red dress. A bit of tidying up.

You can view the album on Flickr.

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