By dfb24


I went to the park after church this morning to see what I could find to photograph, and I was halfway along the trail before something finally caught my eye--the dragonfly on the top left. I don't see them here very often, so I was excited to see one. Then the more I looked around the more dragonflies I saw, & I ended up taking quite a few shots as I followed them all around the field. The top left is a female Halloween pennant, the top right, a male widow skimmer. Bottom right is a female widow skimmer, and I think the one on the bottom left is as well, although it's hard to tell at that angle. The center dragonfly is a bluet. (I think I've ID'd them correctly, but if I'm wrong feel free to let me know). It was a much better day, weather wise, to be out walking around in a field, being that it was in the high 70's with no humidity. Tom has already fixed the trimmer so I guess finishing up the yard is back on my list. I'll have to do it today, as his next session of chemo starts tomorrow, and everything else for the next week centers around what time we need to be there and how long it takes. Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend! :))

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