By ArcLight

Fun and games in the sun

A fun day out on the west coast. A and A have rented a cottage (well, the ground floor of a large house, actually) in Cove, so we headed over to see them. N and G, plus their family, were also there - they are staying for the weekend. It was good to catch up with all the news, some of which was quite exciting. The drive there was also good - great light, and wall to wall sunshine. I added an extra taken just before we arrived at our destination. The Rosneath peninsula was new to us. Very bonny. And hidden away, except - of course - for Faslane at the top of the sea loch....

After coffee out in the garden, watching the kids play, The Three As and I headed to Helensburgh for lunch and then after-lunch drinks and ice creams. It was almost as if our holiday had restarted, since it was warm enough to sit outside and yet to seek the shade of an umbrella in the pub garden.

After that, they headed back to Cove, and we headed home - sill enjoying sunshine, which has continued this evening back in Edinburgh. The light had a particular clarity today - almost as if all that humidity had finally been washed away.

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