By ArcLight


I didn't give myself much choice of photos today. I stopped halfway up Leith Street to photograph the cranes at the point where the workmen have removed some of the hoardings so you can see right into the monster building site. I've gone black and white, to make the best of a bad job.

But there we go. That's blip. You have to do it, every day (or I have to) otherwise a day isn't complete. And sometimes the photographs are a bit crap. At least they aren't always crap.

I worked at home in the morning, and then cycled in for a meeting. The place is like a morgue. I cycled back to the gym through horrible rush hour traffic. One tourist - East Asian in origin - was dragging his son across the road against a red light. I shouted at him... He seemed surprised there might be a problem. I spent most of the rest of the cycle back down the hill, thinking about the possibility of buying liability insurance, in view of the crazy case recently involving a woman who was looking at her phone when crossing the road. Mostly, I cycle very slowly, compared to most other people, but really whole festival business brings out the worst in all road users in Edinburgh. I'll certainly be avoiding cycling down the hill around 5.30pm for the rest of the summer. Earlier or later. Or stay at home, as this might be just as productive.

I'm also rethinking my exercise goals, and reconsidering my step count. It takes just too long to get all the steps needed according to my current regime, as well as taking other forms of exercise. I think that until I finish the manuscript, I'll be concentraing on exercise and activity, rather than steps.

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