By ArcLight


It's been another humid muggy day. When I photographed these drops of water on a plant on the way back from getting my hair cut and visiting the Leith Market it wasn't actually raining (it was about five minutes later...), and as far as I can tell it hadn't rained for quite some time. But it was absolutely still, with no wind to blow the water off the leaves, or to evaporate the droplets. I really wish it would clear up a bit. Or at least dry up.

Apart from said visit to the market (pork pie and sausage roll for lunch, and rolls to go with a previously prepared tomato soup for dinner), not a lot happened. I went to the gym. Talked to L to see how preparations were going. Did a bit of reading/work/worrying about the book. And then we went to the Festival Theatre this evening to hear Jan Garbarek and his band. Yep, good. If a bit pricey. Now it's time for a shower and bed.

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