By meles


It was a long day. We went round to Pauline's for a visit - she's really not well enough to come to the gig tonight and is bitterly disappointed. One of the usual viruses attacking her poor weakened lungs again.

In the afternoon I drove down to Alton with my brother - we took a scenic route and started identifying childhood landmarks with great excitement. Spent a while at the cemetery, checking out our parents grave as well as Auntie Win's. Had a roam about looking for grandparents but with no luck.

Then went up to Holybourne and settled at the White Hart for a couple of hours, where a bunch of friends old and new gradually accumulated. My long lost-contact-with goddaughter was a real surprise (and a delight)! Then to the theatre where I met up with Robb and we both soundchecked. The evening went really fast - even more old friends turned up so didn't really have a chance to talk to any of them. Robb and I shared the evening, doing songs turn and turn about, which seemed to work quite well. The audience were extremely warm and friendly (well, most of them were actual friends!).

The best moment for me was meeting John H again after, ooh, more than 60 years. See extra, which was a little snap he brought with him to show me. He reminds me a lot of his dad and is apparently now a gardener too. I think DaveH would have been amused by the apparent resurgence of my Hampshire accent during the evening.....

Drove bro and self back to Farnham, exhausted by love and nostalgia!

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