By meles


Left as soon as I had woken up and had a cuppa, said fond farewells and headed north. Was passed by a pack of Hell's Angels - a long time since I've seen a set of insignia-coordinated leather jackets. Satan's Slaves, apparently. Caught up with them having a break at Stafford services and there were a high proportion of grey beards and some balding heads visible once the crash helmets were off!

Nothing else to report really - a very long but easy drive, and I was very glad that I'd taken the precaution of booking myself in to Tebay for the night. What a treat - had a delicious meal and a pint of decent local beer, and this was still the view from my room when I got back. I think the closer hill is one of the Howgills - not sure if the more distant illuminated ones are too.

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