Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: High Key, Low Key

I really hope this qualifies for today's Mono Monday challenge!

The temperature wasn't as high today, but with 77% humidity, 39degC felt like 53 (so says Google). We stayed indoors all day doing all sorts of things in preparation for being away. I even had a Skype call with a salesman in Lisbon.

G was told her credit card is being replaced with a contactless one. It's been weeks. Anyway, the time has come and the card company are just messing her around, so today she said she would collect it herself. The office happened to be close to the Clock Tower on Maktoum Street. It used to be Dubai's landmark. Now, most people who live here don't even know it exists!

We tried to drive around some old parts of Dubai but it was just too busy during rush hour traffic. There were long tailbacks to deal with on many roads.

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